Internet telephony numbers
Posted by admin on 09 December 2008 09:19 PM

With an incoming number, callers can reach you by calling a UK number wherever you are connected!

Simply connect your VoIP Phone configured with your Orbtalk account details to your internet connection and anyone can reach you by dialling your incoming number.

• There are no call charges (only the caller is billed).
• You can have as many numbers as you want assigned to your Orbtalk account.
• When making outgoing calls with your Orbtalk account, your incoming number will show up as the Caller ID so the destination can call you back.
• Having an incoming number is ideal for those who travel or live overseas. Your friends and relatives can reach you no matter where you are and without having to pay international call charges.

What if I want a specific number?

Unfortunately, the numbers are allocated randomly. We can select a specific number for you on request. This process takes longer to be effective and may be subject to a greater cost. We also provide number porting services for selected UK dialling prefixes.

We also have the following types of UK numbers available to purchase:

• 0709 National Numbers
• 0800 Freephone Internet Telephony Numbers
• 0845 Local Numbers
• 0844 Local Numbers
• 0870 National Numbers
• 0871 National Numbers are available FREE

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