Technical support
Posted by admin on 09 December 2008 09:22 PM

Check your Orbtalk Online Internet Telephony Status on your device

This shows you if your Internet Telephony phone is online and working correctly or not, similar to the way MSN works. If it is, it should be ‘Online’ – if it is ‘Offline’ you will have to view the Setup instructions again and make sure the phone has been registered properly.

Online Status - This will show whether your account is registered online. Ensure that you have followed our Internet Telephony Device Configuration Instructions to correctly configure your device, and ensure that the Orbtalk details you have entered are correct. If your status is showing as "Offline", this will mean that you may be able to make calls, but will not be able to receive them. Your Active Status should be "OK" and your Online Status should be "Online" to ensure correct functionality of your devices.

For PAYG technical support call 0906 2930002

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