An Overview on IVR's
Posted by admin on 21 May 2012 05:15 PM

IVR's are automated answering machines which guide callers by providing a number of choices and waiting for a caller response (dialled digit)

To create an IVR, Click Add IVR.

You will be asked to give the IVR a name, such as 'Lobby' for example; this is to specify where the IVR is based.
Next you will be asked for a number, this will be the IVR extension so you can link it to a DID later.
Next you can put a custom made greeting on the IVR - Make sure to create a greeting before adding the new IVR. You can create one by dialling *301 from your phone, or sending a greeting in to us and we can put it on the system!

Next are the options for the IVR;

These can be specified to the person making the IVR and also the greeting that's been made. For example if the greeting states 'Welcome to 'Company Name', Please press 1 for Sales' Then under the 1 Destination, you can put another extension to link up too, much like they DID's.

When you’re done configuring the DID, Click save and link it up to a DID.

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