An Overview of Voicemail
Posted by admin on 22 May 2012 11:00 AM

The system's voicemail is an advanced answering machine. Although each extension is equipped with a voice mailbox, extra voicemail boxes can be created on its own as well from this location also.

The 'Mailboxes' screen lists all system mailboxes with the following details;

Name - Full name of the voice mailbox user
Number - Voice mailbox extension number
Domain - Domain/Context the mailbox belongs to

you can add voicemail by clicking 'Add Voicemail'. Here you can configure the mailbox name, extension number, PIN's and also an email address.
You can link the address to the voicemail and click 'Send E-mail' to 'Yes' this will send an email to the email specified when the voicemail has a message.
You can also configure greeting messages by dialling *301 from your handset and recording a message, this will be on your PBX system.

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