How to Setup Operational Hours
Posted by admin on 12 December 2012 05:48 PM

Configuration of Operational Hours

To configure the operational hours on the Orbtalk PBX, firstly, you will need to edit a DID, this can be done by loging into your Orbtalk PBX with the details provided via email when you signed up for the Orbtalk Hosted PBX service. When you have edited the DID, you will need to click 'Advanced Settings'. This will bring up an 'Operation Times' button. When clicked, this will open up in another window on your web browser.

To enable the operational hours, these need to be set to 'on', this setting is located at the top left of the page. When this has been done, you will be able to edit the operational hours fields are required. On the top bar of the operational times, it is required to set a default destination as all calls are redirected during the closed times to the destination configured. 

Description of destinations follows in this priority order:

Open dates: Sets the working hours during which the DID is to redirect calls as set in DID Add/Edit window. If any call is received during the hours not set here, 'Custom Destination' is checked, and if they do not apply, the call is redirected to the 'Default Destination'

Custom Destinations: Redirects all calls received during set hours to the destination provided in the field.

Closed dates: Sets the specific date when all calls are redirected to 'Default Destination'. If 'Destination' field in the Closed dates is set, call will not go to 'Default Destination' but to this number.

To add a Custom Destination, Open Day or Closed Date, click the plus button at the end of the option, then you can select the from and to date, along with the hours that you require.

NOTE: Operation times can only be set up to midnight, For example if you had operation hours set from Tuesday to Wednesday 8pm to 3am the setting won't carry it over to the next day. For example, calls with be diverted at 8pm on Tuesday until midnight, then again at 8pm on Wednesday until midnight.

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